Agricultural spare parts Flange Yoke

Condition: New
Warranty: 3 months
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Home Use, Retail, Construction works, Energy & Mining, KAB-142-L2-20 factory price high precision two stage ratio 201 servo motor speed reducer planetary r gearbox Agricultural
Weight (KG): 5.14 KG
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2022
Product name: Bolt For John Deere Combine
Application: Agricultural machinery parts
OEM No: –
Weight: 5.14kg
Packaging Details: Wooden Case/Pallet/Plywood Case
Port: Shanghai/ Ningbo

Characteristic Disc-shaped flanges are integral parts of yoke assemblies. Spaced apart yoke arms are bolted to a mating flange. Boltedconnections minimize unwanted imbalances. In this article, we'll examine Flange Yoke and its components. Read on to learn more!And stay tuned for more Flange Yoke articles. After reading this, you'll know what you're looking for! NMRV Aluminum & iron Casting Worm Ratio Reductor, Motor Gearbox Mini Nmrv Worm Reduction Gearbox Disc-shaped flange portionDisc-shaped flange portion 38 and separate pan-mounting flange member 14 are radially directed tubular members having an internal diameter less than three-quarter inches. Disc-shaped flange portion 38 includes a circular inner surface 41 having a diameter of two-and-a-half inches and a radially directed outer surface 40 that extends radially outward from the upper portion of the tubular member. The flange portion is attached to the tubular upper portion 18 by a radially-directed rib 46 extending around the circumference of the member.Disc-shaped flange portion 38 is slidably disposed within guide cylinder 1A to regulate the opening area of the air induction passage 2. Disc-shaped flange portion 38 comprises a first guide hole 4C and a second hole 4E. The key-shaped holes are arranged such that their centers are located on a three-five-eighth-inch circle concentric with the circular tubular portion. Disc-shaped flange portion 38 includes a shower pan strainer 58 that screws into the tubular part 52.Spaced apart yoke armsThe flange yoke is a shaft connection component that has a disc-shaped flange portion and a pair of spaced-apart yoke arms with correspondingly aligned openings. The companion flange is connected to the flange yoke via a portion of the shaft. The flange yoke compensates for variations in the shaft's dimensional dimensions.The yoke arms of a Flange Yoke are spaced-apart by an enlargement on the top. The lower end of the enlargement is threaded for reception of a nut 52. The nut 52 is secured in place by a set screw 56 that engages one of the slots in the yoke body. The king-pin is positioned in the recess of the flange.Disc-shaped flange portion is integral with the yoke portionThe yoke portion is a cylindrical member formed of a magnetic material. It is formed as a cylinder and is open at one end and blocked at the other. The flange portion is raised from the outer brim of the opening 5. It is provided with a series of bolt or screw insertion holes. The flange is integral with the yoke portion.The yoke portion comprises an opening 5 that is slidably fitted to the inner peripheral surface of a cylindrical portion 35a. The yoke portion is formed integrally with the yoke portion through rotation-locking projections 9 that are aligned to the axis of the yoke. The flange portion 6 has an opening for a bolt or screw to be inserted. Its outer periphery forms a flange opening for a faucet. The bracket 21 includes a hole for screw threading.Bolted connection to a mating flangeA bolted connection to a mating flange is used to secure an internal connection between a valve or other part. The boltedconnection should be tightened and centered to prevent internal pressure from creating forces that can cause gasket blowout. To ensure flange integrity, the bolted connection should be evenly applied to prevent internal pressure from increasing. The bolt load should be evenly applied to maintain the gasket's integrity.A bolted connection to a mating flange can fail due to excessive dings or rust. This condition can result in costly repairs and delays to the construction schedule. It may even cost the owner-operator weeks or even years of lost revenue. The cost of a failed flange is often prohibitively high. A properly installed bolted connection can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and minimize your risk of costly downtime.Application of a flange yoke on a splined shaftA flange yoke may be applied to a splined shaft for use in a bearing assembly. A flange yoke consists of a pair of aperturesformed through a flange portion and a companion flange. The flange yoke may have a pilot receiver (29a) extending from the flange portion. Both components are threadedly connected to the axis of rotation.The flange yoke is supported by a splined shaft, which may be the output shaft of a vehicle's engine-driven transmission. The shaft is a male splined member with a plurality of outwardly extending splines. The pilot protrudes from the shaft, and extends precisely co-axially relative to the axis of rotation. The companion flange is an elongated, Miniature Bevel Gear Speed Reducer Drive Gearbox For Agriculture hollow cylindrical sleeve with a disc-shaped flange portion.

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