21×11.00-8 agriculture machinery parts tractor tires

Condition: New
Warranty: Unavailable
Applicable Industries: Farm & Agricultural
Weight (KG): 5.9
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Not Available
Machinery Test Report: Not Available
Marketing Type: –
Type: Tires
Use: Tractors
size: 21×11.00-8
Ply Rating: 2PR
O.D./S.W.(mm): 539/ 285
Model Number: HF-255 21×11.00-8
INFL: 35kpa/5P.S.I.
Max Load: 115kg/255lbs
Rim(inch): 9
Tire Type: T/L
application: Garden Tractor
Main Market: Europe
Packaging Details: Proper pieces to a bale, packed with black PE bags if needed.
Port: Taiwan

21×11.00-8 agriculture machinery parts tractor tires

  • Popular tread design for garden tractors, utility vehicles and all-terrain carts.
  • Open paddle and tall bars provide ultimate traction in deep and loose terrain.
  • Directional V-pattern lugs for easy steering control.
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