8731549587315091185135C91 Agricultural spare parts Bar Assembly For Case-IH Combine Straw Chopper

Condition: New
Warranty: 3 months
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Home Use, Retail, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Agricultural
Weight (KG): 9.23 KG
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2022
Product name: Bolt For John Deere Combine
Application: Agricultural machinery parts
OEM No: 87315495/87315091/185135C91
Weight: 9.23kg
Packaging Details: Wooden Case/Pallet/Plywood Case
Port: Shanghai/ Ningbo

Characteristic Straw guide element 68The Case-IH Combine Straw Chopper has a concave straw guide element 68 that encloses the discharge beater 66 and extends to the front wall 62. It pivots at both outer ends along the chassis 12 and directs the threshed crop residue into the straw chopper 70.In this way, 2017 OEM service agriculture machinery parts triangle rubber track system for small atv vehicle the straw chopper can discharge the first crop stream under the hood.In order to separate the first and second crop streams, the combines have a straw chopper with a guide mechanism. This device extends roughly vertically in the straw depositing position and deflects the middle portion of the first crop stream. It is also capable of swiveling horizontally and transversely. A mechanical coupling, coupled with an appropriate actuation, guides the first crop residue stream into the straw chopper.Straw chopper 70If your combines are showing signs of wear, it may be time to consider replacing the Straw Chopper's Deflector Pan. While parts shipped directly from the manufacturer are often free, additional shipping charges may apply to PO Box addresses and residential addresses. Freight discounts apply to normal truck freight and are subject to additional charges for special requests. If you would like to receive your parts by a different method, contact Joe to customize your invoice.Vibrating bottom plate 84The vibrating bottom plate 84 for the Case-IH Combine Straw Chopper allows the chaff and short straw portions to pass through it.This helps to spread the straw evenly across the working width. The plate 84 is pivotable about an axis parallel to the ejector drum axis. It may also pivot on an axis that is different than the ejector drum axis.A sensor is used to measure the width distribution. This information is then used to control the motor. The system also includes pivotable guides 84 that feed the chopper 70 over a wide width. The straw guide sheets 78 also define the windrow width. A sensor in the center of the front wall 62 records the straw width distribution and controls the motor accordingly. The sensors are also arranged on the base plate 84 to detect the presence of a weed.Swath laying modeA case-IH combine straw chopper can be operated in swath laying mode, High Quality Electric Motor Speed Reducer Greenhouse Gear Motor For Conveyor Curtain Motor where the chaff does not reach the straw. Swath laying mode is similar to wide laying mode, but the chaff is not sucked into the straw to any appreciable extent. A straw guide plate 82 on the bottom of the ejection drum defines the width of the swath.This chopper is an important part of a combine harvester's crop residue chopping and spreading arrangement. It is located downstream of the impeller blower. It chops crop residue fed to it, including chaff and other crop residue. In addition to straw,it can also convey other crop residue, such as chaff. In addition to straw, the chopper can be used in swath laying mode.Chaff conveying modeThe Chaff conveying mode on Case-IH Combine Straw Chopper controls the amount of grain and straw that enters the header. It can be adjusted to suit crop conditions. Specifically, the sieve and chaffer openings should be positioned at the maximum recommended openings. The fan speed should be set at the lowest setting and the chopper speed should be set according to crop. Proper chopper velocity minimizes wear and enhances distribution.When combined with a rotor, low speed high torque right angle hollow shaft helicoid gear motor for massage equipment the chaff is transported evenly. The chaff conveying mode of Case-IH Combine Straw Chopper is a highly versatile solution for the chaff-residue. The rotor conveys a mixture of straw and chaff into a swath, which is then spread evenly across the header.

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