Metal Casting Agriculture Machinery Parts

Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year
Applicable Industries: Farms, Construction works , Energy & Mining
Weight (KG): 10 KG
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Type: Bearing
Use: Cultivators
Name: Metal Casting Agriculture Machinery Parts
Keywords: metal casting parts
Appplication: Agricultural machinery
Process: Lost wax investment casting+CNC machined
Heat Treatment: Quench and temper by 2 set mesh belt furnaces
Surface Treatment: Shot blasting+Assembling
Machining Facility: 50+ Machining centers,60+ CNC machines
Inspection: MT/UT/RT/100% visual+100%gage/CMM
Standard: ASTM. AISI. DIN. BS. JIS. NF. AS.
Certification: IATF16949/ISO14001
Packaging Details: Metal Casting Agriculture Machinery Parts package: plywood case or iron pallet packing/standard export package
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai or as customer request

Metal Casting Agriculture Machinery Parts

1. Company Image:

2. Overview of Factory—Huawei Investment Casting:

  • Established 2005.
  • 26,600 SM under roof
  • 245+ employees
  • Annual capacity 20,000 tons
  • Utilize advanced lost wax & shell molding processes
  • Equipped with modern energy saving and environmental friendly production lines
  • Automatic and semi-automatic wax and shell making, pouring, heat treat equipment
  • 3. Overview of Factory—Qianhao Machining(predecessor is Longxing machinery ):

  • Established 1993
  • 20,000 SM under roof
  • 215+ employees
  • Advanced high and CNC equipment
  • 50+ vertical and horizontal machining centers Some abroad brand equipment – Doosan 60+ CNC(lathe,milling,drilling)machines 80+ additional supporting equipment
  • 4. Our Mission:
    Create superior value for our customers, partners, employees
    To become the most respected and successful metal forming and processing company in the world

    5. Our Values:

  • Honesty and Practicality
  • Persevering Unremittingly
  • Teamwork Spirit
  • Achieving Greatness
  • Expanding our offerings to enable customer success through integrated and differentiated solutions
  • 6. :
    MaterialCarbon steel, Alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, copper alloy
    ProcessLost wax casting + cnc machining
    Casting dimension toleranceCT7-CT8
    Casting surface roughnessRa 12.5um
    Casting weight range0.1-100kg
    Casting Size Max linear size:1200mm, Max diameter size: 600mm
    Machining PrecisionPositioning accuracy 0.008mm, Rep. position. accuracy 0.006mm
    Machining surface roughnessRa0.8~6.3um
    Max Travel Of Spindle1800mmx850mmx700mm
    Max Turning Diameter1000mm
    Material standardGB, ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS, JIS, Horizontal 3 Phase AC Gear Reducer Motor Spur Gearbox 18 HP 14 12 1 2 3 5 HP for Food Mixer NF, AS, AAR…….
    Surface treatmentKTL(E-coating), Zinc plating, Mirror Polishing, Sand Blasting, Acid pickling, black oxide, Wet Painting, Hot galvanizing,Powder coating, Nickel plating, Anti rust dip
    Service availableOEM & ODM
    Quality control0 defects,100% inspection before packing
    ApplicationTrain & railway, automobile& truck, construction machinery, forklift, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, construction, valve and pumps, electric machine, Sale price WPO worm gearbox wpo speed reducer wpo60 for 7.5kw motor hardware, power equipment and so on.
    7. Product Profile:
    1. Marterial percentagealloy steel:45%
    carbon steel:35%
    stainless steel:10%
    2. Casting weight percentage0.1-5kg:40%
    above 40kg:10%
    3. Industry percentageComponents for Rail: 15%
    Components for automobile: 25%
    Components for construction equipment: 20%
    Components for Material Handling Equipment:20%
    Components for agricultural machinery: 10%
    Other machinery compponents: 10%
    4. Globa market shareUnited States:30%
    Japan& Korea:15%
    Domestic market:15%
    5. Production capacityProduction Capacity: 20,000 tons / year
    The Current Production Output: 15,000 tons / year
    Open Capacity Percentage: 25%

    8. Manufacturing Process:
    Process design⇒ Tooling making ⇒ Wax injection ⇒Wax pattern assembly⇒ Mold preheat ⇒ Wax removal ⇒Stuccoing ⇒Dipping Casting⇒ Mold shake out ⇒Work piece cut-off ⇒ Grinding ⇒ Pack& transport ⇒ Final inspection ⇒Machining ⇒ Heat treatment

    9. Key Casting and Machining Equipment:

    10. Major Machining Equipment List:

    Machining Capabilities
    Turn Center 3 Axis: 1CNC Lathe: 35
    Vert Machine Cntr 4 Axis: 49Oblique Guide CNC Lathe: 2
    Horizontal Machine Cntr 4 Axis: 1Engine Lathe: 6
    CNC Milling: 10Special Lathe: 5
    Vert Lift Milling : 4Radial; Drilling : 4
    Universal Milling : 2CNC Porous Drilling : 6
    Plane Milling : 2Special CNC Drill Lathe : 6
    Face Milling: 3Cylindrical Drilling: 11
    11. We provide various test facilities as mentioned under:
    1. Chemical analysis
    2. Tensile strength
    3. Elongation rate
    4. Shrinkage rate
    5. Impact test
    6. Harness test
    7. Metallography
    8.Non-destructive tests(including dye-penetrant, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and radiography)
    9. Surface roughness test
    10.CMM test
    11.Chemical & Mechanical
    12.3D Scanning
    13.Yield Strength
    15.Microscopic Measurement

    12. Key Testing Equipment:

    13. APQP and Inspection Report:


    1. Process Flow Diagrams
    2. Control Plan
    3. Process FMEA
    4. Casting Process Instruction
    5. Solidification Simulation
    6. Heat Treatment Work Instruction
    7. Casting Final Quality Control WI
    8. Visual Inspection VI For Surface Irregularities
    1. Process Flow Diagrams
    2. Control Plan
    3. Process FMEA
    4. Machining Process Instruction
    5. Gauge List And Validation Plan
    6. Final Quality Control Work Instruction
    Inspection Report-Casting
    1. Material Test Report(A)]
    2. Material Test Report(B)
    3. Magnetic Particle Inspection Report
    4. Ultrasonic Examination Report
    5. Radiographic Test Report
    6. Destructive Test Report
    7. Coating Test Report
    8. Visual Inspection Report
    9. Casting Inspection Report
    Inspection Report-Machining
    1. Dimensional Inspection Report(A)
    2. Dimensional Inspection Report(B)
    3. CMM Report
    Other Quality Document
    1. PPAP Checklist
    2. Measurement System Analysis Study
    3. Process Capability Studies
    4. Corrective Action Report(8D)
    5. Packaging Instruction
    14. Competition advantages:
    Advantages 1:High Engineering and Technical Capability
  • An industry's senior engineering technical team , with special skills and rich experience in product design, OEM ODM CUSTOM powerful fan Ventilating Fan gearbox for Fan motor parts casting ,heat treating and machining fields.
  • Based on customer needs, in the beginning of product development, offer a solution of a casting design to optimize the product design, then reduce costs and creating the best value for the customers
  • Special Techniques Enable us to Be Competent with key processes at Wax Injection & Shell Making when Manufacturing parts with sophisticated inner structure.
  • Use casting simulation analysis system software , try our best to to ensure the success of the one-time trial sample.
  • Advantages 2: Advanced Inspection Equipment,Process & Strong Quality Assurance Capacity
  • Our testing equipments are not only advanced in the industry, and also has a very complete range, they are hardware guarantee to ensure us continue to provide high-quality products for our customers.
  • Always follow ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management systems, 5S and Kanban site management to guarantee of the quality.
  • IQC, IPQC and FQC quality management team to control all production processes effectively to prevent the generation of unqualified product.
  • Our casting' PPM ≤7500 Machining ' PPM ≤1200
  • We stick to the quality management philosophy that “Starting from the customer needs and ending with their satisfaction, focusing on customer demands and exceeding their expectations”.
  • Advantages3: Great Customer Service
  • QIANHAO can provide customers with good service, our staff have abundant commercial experience, good language ability, and rich foundry and mechanical background. We are committed to providing customers with accurate, careful and speedy service. We are committed to providing customers with accurate, careful and speedy service.
  • Quotation, Quality Complaints and Email Response can usually be quickly and efficiently feedback within 48 hours.
  • We have carried out an information-based management which is driven by an ERP and PMC system, LN00111 swing motor reducer gearbox first stage planetary gear for Case Excavator CX210 SH210 to ensure on time delivery rate: 95% and aiming for 99.9%.
  • Advantages 4: Powerful Deep-processing capability and commitment are important core competitive advantage different from others in the industry
  • The machining and foundry facilities have independent management teams to maximize focus and skill sets
  • QIANHAO has completed a transformation and upgraded to a process focused manufacturer with expanded production capabilities and is committed to being a one stop solution for top-end markets
  • High technical expertise in machining, and casting with sheet metal, welding and assembling capabilities is the good choice for you.

  • 15. Contact information: