agriculture machinery parts 12 tractor clutch assembly dual usage cerametallic for Luoyang YTO yituo Foton lovol

Condition: New
Warranty: 6 Months
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Retail
Showroom Location: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: provided if need
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Type: transmission
Use: Tractors
Material: Metal
Color: Grey
Package: Carton Box
Main market: Asia
MOQ: 1 Set
OEM: Accepable
Surface treatment: Polishing
Feature: Effective Performance
Process: Punching
Engine type: Four-wheel Tractor
After Warranty Service: Online support, Spare parts
Local Service Location: None
Packaging Details: neutral paper box
Port: port of Qingdao

Fit YTO tractor 70/80 series : 704/754/804/854

A tractor which you want to walk through smoothly, so you need an excellent and stable transmission system include the clutch,bearing and shaft,that is also what we work hard to deliver,a reliable matchful clutch can enchance the power of the work and make it easier and comfortable

Clutch Disc
1: The clutch disc

The clutch disc comprises friction pad,base disc and spline,they were composed together by several rivets,the base disc is the craft of other parts,usually the material is the steel,the pad take the key role for taking the shaft to rotate together by pressing upon the clutch assembly through the level,usually it have 3 types: Asbestos,no asbestos or organic,Cerametallic or copper base,the first is cheap, Nrv Small Gearing Arrangement Worm Gear Box Reducer but it is out of date for some harms to the enviroment,the second is popular and cheaper than cerametallic, the last have better resistence character but more expensive,the spline is the holder of shaft,it should be strengthen and hard,if not,some spline worn will cause the disc being twisted whereas resulting to some bad damage
Two types of the disc: Main and PTO

OEM no:
OD.: 310mm Hub: 40*45
Spline: 16 Spring: 6
Thickness: 10.5 Weight: 3.4Kg
Friction material: Cerametallic
OEM no:
OD.: 310mm Hub: 24*28
Spline: 10 Thickness: 8.5
Friction material: Cerametallic
Weight: 2.6Kg
Clutch Assembly

The clutch transfer the power coming from the engine to the transmission system thus to drive the move of the vehicle and do the work through PTO,it was installed on the clutch housing borddered with the flywheel,as one of the key part of the tractor,it play an importation role in the work and walk of the tractor,by the levels of the clutch,the control pedal can engage and disengage the pressure plate of the assembly,when the pedal on,it will cut off the transmission,contrast on,it will get the power,some elements can influence the show of it

What is the good clutch?
Well matching the transimssion system of John deereCerametallic pad has better resistence characterDamping spring to reduce the impact of engagingReliable and long cooperation supplier ensure the final assembly and nice price

OEM no:
Spare parts
The pressure plate

Usually,the clutch assembly will have two pressure plate, M10 M20 Planetary Gear with customized speed and high torque 1012 one for the main disc,one for the pto or assistance disc,the first one transfer the power to the walking system,the later one to the working system,when it press the disc tightly,it will force the disc rotate synchronizely with the flywheel so as to transfer the power to the gearshaft,so it will also bear the abrasion force,for this it should also have the better resistence character and smoothy surface also

The Belleville washer

The belleville washer was set between these two discs for the media of the force when the pedal push or pull the level,it needs the high resistence and relastic feature

Clutch kits and housing
The clutch kits

It include the level,torque spring and the stud,pin,the level connect with the pressure plate and by the pull and push of the sleeve on the shaft,it will take the pressure plate to move on so as to press the disc then do the operation of engage and disengage,the torque spring of the level take the role of resetting the level to the rest position

The housing is the place for contain the parts,it is the cast iron
It should be designed accordance to the engine and especially to the transmission system like the thrust bearing,gear shaft and the sleeve whereas make it can be well matchful

Product for other tractor
The reason for us
The abilities of one of the top 5 manufacturer in ChinaSkillful worker and long experience in this field for presenting the cost-effecient and qualitified productIn North and Middle America,South-east Asia,We have set the footprintExcellent facilities of tractor industry and transportation position