8L DC12V 100 W Brush Water Pump Micro Electric Diaphragm Pump for Agriculture Drone XTL 3210

Model Number: 8L pump
Material: Plastic, Carbon firber
Type: agriculture use
Function: Without Remote Control, Black
Private Mold: Yes
Capacity: 8 ml
Voltage: 12V/24V
Maximum power: 100W
Maximum pressure: 1.1Mpa
Opening flow: 8L/min
Vertical suction lift: 1.5 meters
Packaging Details: Carton packaging

Micro electric diaphragm pump(security, energy saving, self-priming, being portable)—–Scientific design and elaborate manufacturingInstructions for use:l,The pump is connected to the inlet and outlet pipes and must be completely sealed. (A suitable filter should be installed in the inlet pipe. There should be no nozzle or some other components in the outlet pipe. There are arrowhead tags on the pump in the direction of inlet and outlet);2,The inlet tube is put into the liquid;3,Put through power supply. Beginning to extract the liquid; If the end of the pipe is connected to the nozzle and other components, it is necessary to continue the fol1owing three steps:4,After the pump extracts the liquid normally, High Precision Gear Manufacturer Bevel Miter Gear the power should be disconnected (it needs just 5-10 seconds with the aim to drain the air in the pump);5,The nozzle and some other components are connected (Nozzle size must be appropriate. lf it is too large, it will lead to that the output pressure is small. If it is too small. it will cause the pump to work in overload condition. A long time work will damage the pump);6,Turn on the power again and the pump starts to operate normally.7, Pipes and pumps must be tightly connected;8,lt shall not have an overload use;9,The extracted liquid must not have pressure at the inlet of the pump;10,Do not adjust the pressure screw arbitrarily;11, K series Spiral Bevel Gear Speed Reducer gearbox for electric vehicle Air must be removed from the pump before use;12,Inlet and outlet must be scaled after use;13, It must be stored in a dry place. Size (mm): 190*100*75 Warnings: (The instructions have more specific information)l,It shall use the matching power supply;2,The power must be disconnected if it goes cut of service for a long period of time halfway ;3,Pump shall not be put in liquid;4,lf a nozzle or other components needs to be connected , the nozzle size must be matched with the pump;5, High Power Harmonic Drive Reducer Reduction Gearbox For Atv Vehicles The pumped fluid must be adapted to the function of the pump;6, Do not extract high temperature liquids;7, The inlet must be fitted with a suitable filter;

All packages have protective foam, sturdy carton packaging, the box contains the main product and installation accessories. Can be shipped quickly by express, air, sea, etc.

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