Global Universal Version 16L 30L agriculture Drone Battery Certified Technicians Support Agriculture Drone

Model Number: GF-30
Material: Plastic
Power: X9 PLUS
Type: agriculture use
Function: One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, With Remote Control, With LED lights
Private Mold: Yes
Capacity: 3000 ml
Cell Brand: TATTU 28000mAh High Voltage
Network: GPS & RYK Optional
Pump: Dual Pump Spraying System
Ready to fly: Yes
Spreading: 35L
Spray width: 9m
Spray Nozzle: pressure & centrifugal
Remot controller: H12 with screen
Flying time: 10-15minutes
Working efficiency: 120-150ha/per day
Packaging Details: 30 liter drone include all of extra components packaged in an Aluminum Case/Wooden Case
Port: Shenzhen/Hongkong

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Model NoGF-30 6 axis agricultural drone
Nozzle No12pcs
Motor TypeX9 PLUS
Propeller Type36in
RTK / GNSS Frequency Band usedRTK: GPS L1/L2, GLONASS F1/F2, BeiDou B1/B2, and Galileo E1/E5GNSS: GPS L1, GLONASS F1, and Galileo E1
Machine SizeUnfolded Size 2090*1830*775mmFolded Size 1315*800*775mm
MaterialCarbon Fibre + Aviation Aluminum
Remote ControllerYUANMU H12 RC with lcd display
Waterproof levelIP65 whole unit , IP56 core components
Battery14S High Voltage TATTU 28000mAh 60.9V Battery 500-600 cycles
Adapter ChargerFour-Channel Charger 3000W
Spraying Capacity31.6L
Spreading Capacity35L
Flight ControlK++ V2
Working Efficiency12-15ha/hr
Spray Flow5L/min
Maximum effective spray width4-9m(with 12 sprayers and a distance of 1.5 – 3 meters to crops)
Hovering Time15min (@28,000 mAh & takeoff weight of 37.5 kg)8.15min (@28,000 mAh & takeoff weight of 68 kg)
Maximum Endurable Wind Speed10m/s
Total Weight (without batteries)27.5kg
Rated Take-off Weight68kg
Operation ModeAB mode , automatically mode , Hyundai R220LC-9 SWING REDUCTION GEARBOX Hyundai excavator parts swing reduction gear assy manual mode
Obstacle Radar terrain following module & Obstacle avoidance module
Usageneeds of large farm area and high effeciency
Exhibition Certifications Payment & Shipping FAQ 1. How Can Yuanmu Drones Be Used In Agriculture?The versatility of drones and their sophisticated sensors enables farmers to utilise the technology for a number of reasons. These include:Crop Monitoring,Soil and Field Analysis,Health Assessment,Irrigation,Aerial Planting,Herd Management,Crop Spraying,Insurance.2. Why Choose Yuanmu Drones?Using drones to spray pesticides is more efficient than using tractors and is a reliable solution for plant protection. First ofall, tractors harm the cotton when passing through, while drones prevent the cotton from being crushed. At first, farmers had doubts about drones, but then they witnessed the aircraft’s efficiency.3.Yuanmu Agriculture Drones v Manual Methods (Please see the table as belows )4.What is the best drone for agriculture?This depends on your needs. Yuanmu offers different kinds of crop-spraying drones for various needs.Firstly, nema 23 worm gear reducer nmrv040 worm gearbox gear reducer small worm geared motor gearmotor encoder for light industry users should consider the real needs when purchasing ,secondly ,it depends on the geographical environment,in hilly areas ,small load 10L(GF-10),16L(GF-16) is more convenient and flexible to use .For open areas such as plains, it is more efficient to choose larger capacity one 20L(GM-20),30L(GF-30),40L (GM-40).
Manual MethodsYuanmu Agriculture Drones
Efficiency7-10 acres a day150 acres per day (GF-30)
Work StandardisationManual planningCoordinate with the positioning system to carry out path planning and improve work efficiency.
Pesticide TypeCommon pesticidesSupports special aviation chemicals, high utilisation rate, can save more than 20% of pesticides.
Control EffectIt is easy to leak or re-spray, and low pesticide penetration.Due to the low efficiency of work, it is difficult to carry out large-area protection in a short period of time, which is notsuitable for unified control.The pesticide is sprayed uniformly and has good penetration due to the downwards wind stream from the aircraft.Can carry out large-area operations in a short period of time.
SafetyWorkers are very close to pesticides, which is a serious health hazard.The worker is separated from the pesticide and does not need to access hard-to-reach areas.