Agricultural Spare Parts Chain Roller Chain for Combine Harvester Standard replacement for John Deere, CLAAS, CNH

Warranty: 0.5 years
Applicable Industries: Farms
Customized support: OEM
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Type: Roller Chain
Material: Iron, 40Cr, 65Mn,40Mn, 45Mn, Stainless steel, Etc.
Tensile Strength: 56KN
Product name: Agricultural chain
Surface treatment: yellow; blue; original colour; shot peening; golden;silver
Structure: Roller Chain
Function: used in combine harvester
Application: Combine Harvester
Model Number:: AN102009
Function:: reaping hook
MOQ: 200
Packaging Details: carton and pallet…
Port: Shanghai, NIngbo

Product Overview Agricultural Chain for Combine harvesterWe have various agricultural chain, including S, C types, diffrerent attachments. Every product meets the tough standards you demand from your tools, such as fighting off debris accumulation and acclimating to nearly every temperature change. Agricultural roller chain goes through extensive testing and quality checks before it arrives at your farm. Try our agricultural flat link chain for smooth operations every day. When you need trusted agricultural conveyor chain parts in a hurry, Ningbo Combine Machinery Co., Ltd is ready to serve. Replaced for PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Recommend Products

Item NameReturn grain elevator Conveyor chain
Reference NO.:AH148021
Application: replaced for J-D Combines 9560STS, 9570STS, 9650STS, 9660STS, 9670STS, 9750STS, 9760STS, 9770STS, 9860STS, 9870STS.
Description:Chain: CA550 Links: 113 links Pitch: 41.4mm Paddles every 6th links Paddle size: 5 7/8" x 3" Scraper width: 152mm Paddle QTY: 19WT(kg/pc):16.33 kg
Item NameChain
Reference NO.:AN102009
Application: replaced for J-D Combines 1092 , 1290, 1291, 1293, 243, 244, 343 , 344, 40 series , 50 series, 60 series, 80 series, 90 series
Description:Chain: CA550 Links: 48 links Pitch: 41.4mm
Item NameChain
Reference NO.:AZ102574
Application:replaced for J-D T670, T660, T560, T550, W660,W650,W550,W540,C670, 9540i WTS, 9560i WTS, 9580i WTS, 9780CTS, 9780i CTS, 9640WTS, 9660WTS, 9680WTS
Description:Chain: CA557 Links: 48, attachments in every 4th links WT(kg/pc):5.4Kg
We have more chains:
COMBINE NO.Ref OEM No.DescriptionApplication
4C1212AN102383Pitch: 19.05 Length: 13 pitches J-D 200 & 900 series platforms, 40 & 90 series corn heads, and 50 & 50A series
4C1360AZ41083Chain: S55 Links: 144Attachments in every 8th linksJ-D 1177, 1177HY/4,4435,4435HYDRO
4C1392AZ44912 AZ63336Chain: CA550 Links: 99 Attachments in every 6th links Pitch: 41.4mm WT(kg/pc):8.2kgsJ-D 2054,2056,2058,2064,2066,2254, 1 series pto shaft parts triangular steel tube 9k drive shaft 2256,2258,2264,2266,2266EXTRA,CTS, 9780 CTS
4C1393AZ44913 AZ63337Chain: CA550 Links: 99 Attachments in every 4 th links Pitch: 41.4mm WT(kg/pc):8.2kgsJ-D 2054,2056,2058,2064,2066,2254,2256,2258,2264,2266,9540WTS,9560WTS, 9560WTS,9580WTS, C670,CTS,T550,T560,W540,W550,W650,W660
4C1394AZ102573Chain: CA557 Links: 99Attachments in every 6th links WT(kg/pc):10.8kgsJ-D T670, T660, T560, T550, W660,W650,W550,W540,C670, 9540i WTS, 9560i WTS, 9580i WTS, 9780CTS, 9780i CTS, 9640WTS, 9660WTS,9680WTS
4C1398AH208978Chain: CA620 Links: 48 Attachments in every 6th links WT(kg/pc):5.83kgsJ-D 600 Series (BSN 745100), CH2112, CH2208 Corn Heads
4C1347AH141274Pitch: 19.05 Links: 87 WT(kg/pc): 3 kgsJ-D Cutting platforms 822, 825, 900 Rigid and Flex Cutting Platforms, 918, 920, 922 and 925 Cutting platforms, 918 and 920 DraperPlatforms, 900 Series Cutting platform.
4C1348AYC16771Pitch: 12.7 Links: 84 WT(kg/pc):0.66 kg J-D R40,C100
4C1349AYC17256Pitch: 15.875 Links: 49 WT(kg/pc):0.79 kg J-D C110+, C110, C120
4C1350AYC20957Pitch: 15.875 Links: 44 WT(kg/pc):0.7 kg J-D C110+, C110, C120
4C1351AYC21036Pitch: 15.875 Links: 125 WT(kg/pc):1.99 kgs J-D C110+, C110, C120
4C1352AYC21037Pitch: 15.875 Links: 75 WT(kg/pc):1.2kgsJ-D C110+, C110, C120
4C1353AYC23523J-D 204C,205C,206C,207C
4C1354AYC24833Pitch: 15.875 Links: 85 WT(kg/pc):1.35kgsJ-D 206C, 207C, 208C Corn header
4C1355AZ25623Pitch: 15.875 Links: 128 WT(kg/pc): 2.03kgsJ-D L70 Combine
4C1356DQ65283Pitch: 19.05 Links: 104 WT(kg/pc):3.7 kgsJ-D 600 Series, 616 Rigid Cutting platform, 625, 622, 618, 616, High quality compound fertilizer production line with caking crusher Cutting platform
4C1357AZ41079Chain: S55 Links: 161 attachments in every 4th links WT(kg/pc):12.3kgsJ-D 1177, 1177Hy4 Combine, 4435 and 4435 Hydro Combines, 1188, 1188HY/4 Combines
4C1358AZ34239Chain: S55 Links: 80 attachments in every 4th links WT(kg/pc):6.4kgsJ-D 1177,1177Hy4, 1174, 1174HY/4, 1169,1169HY/4,1166, 1166HY/4,4435 and 4435 Hydro Combines, 4425 Combine
4C1359AZ34238Chain: S55 Links: 80 attachments in every 6th links WT(kg/pc): 6.4kgsJ-D 1166HY/4,1169,1169HY/4,1174HY/4,1177,1177HY/4,4435, 4425, 1188, 4435, 4435 Hydro, 1166, 1169,1174
4C1425 AE59544 AFH205981WT(kg/pc):3.0kgsJ-D Baler Models: 447, 449, 457, 459, 467, 547, 557, 559, 567
4C1426AE59543 AE74238WT(kg/pc):1.5kgsJ-D Baler Models: 446, 447, 456, 457, 466, 467, 546, 547, 556, 557, 566, 567
4C1427 AE36010WT(kg/pc):2.43kgsJ-D Baler Models: 335, 375, 385, 430, 435, 446, 456, 466, 530, 535, 546, 556, 566
4C1428AH220304WT(kg/pc):6.26kgsJ-D COMBINE PLATFORM MODEL 635F
4C1429AH202176WT(kg/pc):9.45kgsJ-D MODELS;9650STS,9750STS,9560STS,9660STS,9760STS,9860STS,9570STS,9670STS,9770STS,9870STS,S660STS,S670STS
4C1430 AH115329WT(kg/pc):1.69kgs
Product packaging Packing way- 1 pc / brown cartonwooden case /pallet Why Choose Us 1)Guarantee Quality and Avoid your lossCOMBINE guarantees quality 100% – for any parts failing to meet the agreed standards, we offer 100% refund or free replacement. This can apparently avoid your loss and save your time to solve disputes. 2)Deliver Your Order In timeOur own production and regular stock in the warehouse can well manage your order and deliver them in time for the selling season. 3)Reduce Your CostWith experience since 2001, our genuine supply of over 6000 distinct wearing parts, Nema 17 23 34 42 Planetary Gearbox Speed Reducer can greatly reduce both selection risk and costs associated with time-sensitive, decentralized global purchasing.OEM quality but China price can optimize the cost performance to the best. Contact Us