Disinfection and fight drugs dual-use sprayer tire create agricultural parts 5.00-32 5.00-36 5.00-38 5.00-42

Condition: New
Warranty: 2 years, 2 years,Provide Life-long Services
Applicable Industries: Garment Shops, Farms, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Other
Weight (KG): 45 KG
Showroom Location: Egypt, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Kenya, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, UAE, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, arm sticker ( one pcs) for drone T20 part drone T20 Bangladesh, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Morocco
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2019
Type: Tires
Use: Tractors
Application: Sprayer agricultural tire
Main market: More Than 120 Countries and Regions Around The World
Certificate: ISO9001 ,CCC,DOT,CE,CIQ,REACH,VOC etc
Rubber: Malaysia & Thailand top-quality Natural and synthetic rubber
More size: 4.00-16 4.50-19 4.50-30 5.00-32 5.00-425.00-38
OEM Brand: Acceptable
Inspection: 100% full quality inspect
Technology: Japan Technology
Tire Design: Bias
Packaging Details: Packaging Details without packingSize:5.00-38 1*40HQ :900 PCS
Port: Qingdao ,China

* Sprayer agricultural tire : 4.00-16 4.50-19 4.50-30 5.00-32 5.00-38 120/90-26 5.00-42 etc.

* Suitable for soil tillage and spreaying application and some size and version also suitable for excavators,trailers and harvesters.
* with superior ride,snag resistance and long wear.
* With extremely stong traction,good self-cleaning and wide reas pattern prociders good floating,and excellent drive properties on muddy cultivated land .
* Bead and rim flange protector reducing downtime by keeping out debris.

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Packing and shipping

>>Packing:Standard Export package or AS Customer Request.
>>Shipping :by sea,by train or by air,from Qingdao port.
>>Trade Terms:FOB,CFR,CIF etc.
>> 20L Payload Agriculture drone sprayer pump spare parts Payment terms:T/T,L/C,Western Union etc.
>>Delivery time:Within 7-15 days after deposit.

Why Choose US ?

* We have professional team to provide comprehensive one -stop service for you .
* Our tyres have passed the Certificates: ISO9001,DOT,CE, REACH etc.
* OEM/ODM Service to satisfy different customers requirments.
* We have first-class production line and strict quality management system.
* We have big production capacity to guarantee fast delivery and on-time shipment


1. How to maintain proper air pressure? * Tyres should be inflated according to current national standards stipulated in the form of air pressure & loading index. * After inflation tyre should be checked carefully for leak or not, If leak found shall be repaired in
time. * Tyres in use must be ensured of normal internal air pressure, When long-running or driving, tyre pressure should be regularly checked. * Long-stay parking, front and rear axles must be set up. High pressure causes crown grinding,
top bursting; low pressure makes tyre deformation and damage.
* Twin tyres fitted must be assured of consistent inflation pressure, do not fit one by a higher
pressure and another by lower air pressure. 2. How to maintain proper loading? * Tyre loads must comply with current national standards. * Do not overloading. Loading goods in vehicles should be distributed evenly to avoid uneven
* Overloading can cause serious abnormal tyre tread wear, shoulder separation, delaminating,
toe blasting etc.* High ply level and high tyres load index not suitable high-speed driving. * Enhanced design tyres can loaded more properly according to standards of design. 3. How to maintain proper speed?

* Different limits of speed levels with all kinds of tyres, speeding may cause early tyre damage. * Do not speeding, minimize urgent braking and sharp turns in bad road, avoiding of the tyre’s hitting other objects, especially sharp objects. * High speed tyres will be heated up easily, once its temperature is too high, measures should be
taken timely(e.g.stopping for natural cooling) to prevent the carcass bursting. * High-speed tyres assembled with rims must be tested for balancing weight and calibration. 4. How to maintain proper storage? * Tyres should be stored in the warehouse avoiding the sunning and raining. * Tyre must be in storage away from heat, ozone, and generator. * Tyres must not be not in storage together with oil, flammable and corrosive chemical materials.
* Tyres shall be in storage upright, do not keep it horizontally, pilling up one on top of hanging it by
center hole. * Tyre should be used firstly in order of first out from production or storage.

5. How to pack and transport properly? * When handling tyre by forklift, do it from side tyres,do not lift it with fork into the center hole of
bead. * Do not hang or raise tyres by rope, hook or fork directly, Custom High Quality Metal Aluminum Profile Cnc Machining Agricultural Machinery Parts Mould Die Casting Service do it with wide textile fiber belt. * Sets of tyres shall be wrapped or packed by rope or packing tape for avoiding damage of falling.
* Loading goods must be properly distributed into vehicles

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